Pilot-Escort/Flagging Refresher Online



Pilot/Escort Flagging Online Refresher is required for any person qualified as a Florida pilot/escort vehicle operator within 4 years of the qualification date. The refresher course includes self-learning course overview to provide updated information to the student with an exam to test the student’s knowledge. Each student will be required to complete the online exam with at least 80% of questions correct. 

Online Training & Testing 

The online FDOT approved Pilot/Escort Flagging Refresher is a self-learning program with a required timed exam. UF T2 Center offers this course through self-learning training modules and the corresponding online exam to renew Pilot/Escort Flagging course qualification.  

  • Virtual training link sent to registered students prior to the training course 
  • Web-enabled device with front facing camera, microphone and speakers required 

Training Coordinators  

  • Unique email address required for each student 
  • Certificate and wallet cards are mailed to address on the student’s enrollment 
  • Please contact us immediately to request alternate mailing address 
  • Dedicated Web-enabled device required for each student  
  • Audio and video required during demonstration exercises and the duration of the online exam 
  • Exclusive offerings for your group are available, upon request.  


Prior to registration, you will need the following: 

  • Qualification expiration date 
  • Unique email address 
  • Valid Credit Card for payment 

Please allow 1-3 business days to receive course access. UFTI-T2 Center will verify eligibility and provide course link with login credentials within 3 business days following student enrollment.  

  • $180 Registration Fee 

UFTI-T2 Payment Policy 


  • Pilot / Escort Flagging Refresher course final exam is available in English or Spanish.  

Who should complete this course?  

  • Escorts qualified by the state of Florida are permitted to access to the Pilot / Escort Refresher online course  


  • Escorts qualified by the state of Florida are permitted to enter the Pilot / Escort Refresher course 
  • FDOT allows a 90-day grace period after your expiration to take the refresher course. After the 90th day following your expiration date, you must take the full 8-hour training course. This grace period DOES NOT extend the certificate expiration date to legally escort, it only extends the time to take the refresher course. 

Training Requirements 

  • Participants must answer 80% or more questions correct to renew their Florida Pilot / Escort qualification  

Hardware/Software Requirements 

  • Hardware 
  • Pentium 4 processor or higher  
  • 1GB RAM  
  • High-Speed Internet Connection  
  • Software 
  • Updated Web Browser 
  • Java enabled www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml 
  • Flash Player enabled www.adobe.com/flashplayer 


  • Qualification valid four years  
  • Online Refresher course is available to students within 90 days of expiration 

Course Length 

  • 4 hours plus exam