Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic Refresher


Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic qualification is required for any person placing temporary traffic control devices or relocating devices in or alongside the roadway to implement a traffic control plan to route roadway users including pedestrians and bicyclists safely around work operations. Responsibilities include: 

  • Read and understand roadway temporary traffic control plan 
  • Setup cones, drums, or other traffic control devices as depicted on traffic control plan  
  • Maintain and replace traffic control devices in work zones, as needed 
  • Recognize dangerous driver behavior in work zone and notify Worksite Traffic Supervisor  
  • Shift traffic control devices, as needed for construction phasing operations 
  • Take down cones, drums, or other traffic control devices  work zones   
  • Stop, release, and slow traffic including pedestrians and bicyclists using approved devices 
  • Guide traffic through work zone transitions 
  • Communication with additional flaggers in work zone 
  • Identify dangerous situations and warn work crews 
  • Ability to physically stand for long periods and move quickly  
  • Be vigilant to approaching traffic, work crews, and phasing during construction operations 

Registration Fee  

  • $295 

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Virtual Training & Online Testing 

FDOT approved UF T2 Center to provide virtual training with a corresponding online-proctored testing session for Intermediate MOT/TTC trainings.  

  • Virtual training link sent to registered students prior to the training course 
  • Web-enabled device with front facing camera, microphone and speakers required 

Training Coordinators  

  • Unique email address required for each student 
  • Training books mailed to address on the student’s registration 
  • Please contact us immediately to request alternate mailing address 
  • Dedicated Web-enabled device required for each student  
  • Audio and video required during demonstration exercises and the duration of the online-proctored exam 
  • Exclusive offerings for your group are available, upon request.  

Who Should Complete This Course?  

  • Individuals with a current Intermediate MOT/TTC qualification 
  • FDOT employees 
  • Local agency maintenance workers 
  • Local agency roadway personnel 
  • FDOT and local agency contractor 
  • Construction engineering inspector 
  • Private consultant personnel in surveying, engineering, and underground utility  
  • Federal, State, and local work zone traffic control planner, designer, superintendent, and inspector 
  • Roadway construction crew personnel 
  • Roadway maintenance crew personnel 
  • Emergency responders 
  • Police officers 
  • Road rangers 


  • A Current Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic / Temporary Traffic Control qualification is required for Refresher course 
  • Check your qualification expiration date before registering for a Refresher course 
  • Recommended prerequisites for becoming certified initially include one year of experience in basic plan reading skills along with experience in construction operations, traffic control, and plan development. Find a two-day Intermediate MOT training course for initial qualification 
  • The two-day course is required if your expiration date has passed 

Training Requirements 

  • A Current Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic / Temporary Traffic Control qualification  
  • Successfully complete one-day course including flagging exercise and proctored exam  
  • At least 70% of exam questions must be answered correctly on proctored exam 
  • Upon completion, qualification emailed by MOT Administrator 
  • Qualification expires four years after the date of successful completion 
  • 8 PDH available to Professional Engineers 


  • Before expiration, renew qualification with one-day refresher course 
  • Register for one-day Intermediate MOT Refresher course with UFTI-T2 Center  

Course Length 

  • 8 hours 


MOT/TTC REFRESHER TRAINING COURSE Click here to view schedule of available courses.
0.5 HourStudent must present state-issued identification during sign in, training course and exam Sign-In 
5.0 HoursPolicy and manuals, fundamental principles of work zone, temporary traffic control devices, temporary traffic control zones, setup and removal of traffic control zone, standard plans review, flagging operations, Instruction 
2.0 Hours50-question proctored exam Exam