Advanced Maintenance of Traffic


Advanced Maintenance of Traffic qualification is required for any person responsible for the design of work zone traffic control site-specific plans to route roadway users including pedestrians and bicyclists safely around work operations. Responsibilities include: 

  • Produce clear and concise temporary traffic control plans including barriers 
  • Develop Transportation Management Plans 
  • Consult with Traffic Operations during construction operations expected to impact daily traffic flows 
  • Consult Public Information Officers to provide messages to public concern significant construction projects 
  • Follow guidance in Construction Project Administration Manual  
  • Reference appropriate Standard Plans Index and necessary modifications 
  • Develop clear plan notes and specifications for temporary traffic control 
  • Develop plans and notes to clearly identify work zone phasing  
  • Ability to operate as Worksite Traffic Supervisor  
  • Develop cost estimates for work zone implementation 

Virtual Training & Online Testing 

FDOT approved UF T2 Center to provide virtual training with a corresponding online-proctored testing session for Advanced MOT/TTC trainings.  

  • Virtual training link sent to registered students prior to the training course 
  • Web-enabled device with front facing camera, microphone and speakers required 

Training Coordinators  

  • Unique email address required for each student 
  • Training books mailed to address on the student’s registration 
  • Please contact us immediately to request alternate mailing address 
  • Dedicated Web-enabled device required for each student  
  • Audio and video required during demonstration exercises and the duration of the online proctored exam 
  • Exclusive offerings for your group are available, upon request.  

Registration Fee 

  • $425 

UFTI-T2 Payment Policy

Who Should Complete This Course?  

  • Professional Engineers 
  • FDOT employees 
  • Local agency maintenance workers 
  • Local agency roadway personnel 
  • FDOT and local agency contractor 
  • Construction engineering inspector 
  • Private consultant personnel in surveying, engineering, and underground utility  
  • Federal, State, and local work zone traffic control planner, designer, superintendent, and inspector 
  • Roadway construction crew personnel 
  • Roadway maintenance crew personnel 
  • Emergency responders 
  • Police officers 
  • Road rangers 


  • Recommended prerequisites include two years of experience in construction project administration and traffic control plan development 

Training Requirements 

  • Successfully complete two-day course including flagging exercise and proctored exam  
  • At least 70% of exam questions must be answered correctly on proctored exam 
  • Upon completion, qualification emailed by MOT Administrator 
  • Qualification expires four years after the date of successful completion 
  • 20 PDH available to Professional Engineers 


  • Before expiration, renew qualification with one-day refresher course 
  • Register for one-day Intermediate MOT Refresher course with UFTI-T2 Center  

Course Length 

  • 20 hours 


Training Day 1 View start time on schedule of courses.
0.5 HourStudent must present state-issued identification during sign in, training course, and examSign-In & Introduction
9.5 HourPolicy and manuals, fundamental principles of work zone, temporary traffic control devices, temporary traffic control zones, standard plans reviewInstruction (all day)
Training Day 2 View start time on schedule of courses.
8.0 HourConsiderations in practical problem solving, transportation management plans, TTC pay items, flagging operations, construction project administrationInstruction & Summary
2.0 Hour 60-question proctored examProctored Exam