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Current Projects

Transportation Safety Center (TSC) 

Through TSC, UFTI-T2 collaborates with stakeholders to develop safety plans focused on locally maintained roadways using the latest crash analysis tools to identify high crash and crash risk locations. TSC uses its custom crash tree tool to perform cost-benefit analysis as one way to providing guidance to Florida’s less populated counties. For more information, contact Dr. Nithin Agarwal at nithin.agarwal@ufl.edu, or visit the TSC page

Testbed Initiative: Alternative Transportation Safety Systems  

The goal of the testbed initiative project is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Mobileye Shield collision avoidance system in an effort to reduce conflicts between transit buses and pedestrians or bicycles.  

UFTI-T2 partnered with the City of Gainesville and Regional Transit System to install Mobileye devices on transit buses operating within Gainesville. The device uses state of the art technology to detect pedestrian and bicyclist conflicts and dangerous situations such as lane departures. It also provides forward collision warning. In addition these warning, the device features automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, lane centering, and traffic jam assist. For more information, contact Dr. Nithin Agarwal at nithin.agarwal@ufl.edu

Florida ATMA Demonstration and Evaluation 

This project will host a demonstration of the operation and function of the autonomous truck-mounted attenuator (ATMA) in a closed loop environment as well as deploy it in an active work zone. This will provide a hands-on opportunity for stakeholders to experience this state-of-the-art equipment. ATMA has the potential to reduce the risk involved in roadway construction and maintenance. The demonstration will also test the feasibility of the technology and its application for falling weight deflectometer equipment. For more information, please contact Dr. Nithin Agarwal at nithin.agarwal@ufl.edu or visit the ATMA page

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) 

This project will evaluate the effectiveness of advanced driver assistance systems on transit buses. Mobileye© equipment was purchased and installed on 10 RTS buses in Gainesville, FL. Longitudinal analysis and a driver perception study were undertaken to quantify the conflicts as well as user attitudes towards the technology. For more information, please contact Dr. Nithin Agarwal at nithin.agarwal@ufl.edu

Machine Learning Algorithms for Improved Network Traffic Signal Policy Optimization 

This project addresses the need to reduce the cost of signal timing adjustments while increasing the responsiveness of signal timing adjustments through the use of data science and machine learning methodologies. UFTI-T2 researchers are analyzing historical data from Seminole County to determine key corridors and potential bottlenecks in terms of signal timing, identifying differential timing plans for improvements at the corridor and at the network level, and developing real-time techniques that can react to traffic interruptions and changes in traffic patterns. For more information, contact Dr. Sanjay Ranka at ranka@cise.ufl.edu or Dr. Nithin Agarwal at nithin.agarwal@ufl.edu. 

Development of Local Road Safety Plans  

The Transportation Safety Center (TSC) assists small, rural Florida counties in identifying and developing local road safety plans required to obtain federal funding through the Florida DOT Safety Office. The TSC has worked with five counties to date and anticipates working with a total of 25 counties across Florida. For more information, please see TSC webpage, or contact Dr. Nithin Agarwal at nithin.agarwal@ufl.edu

Strategies for Mitigating Congestion in Small Urban & Rural Areas 

UFTI-T2 participates in this project of the Southeastern Transportation Research, Innovation, Development and Education (STRIDE) Center, a federally-funded University Transportation Center (UTC) at the University of Florida. The project addresses the issue of congestion in areas with population less than 50,000 – perhaps a type of area that one would not associate with congestion – nevertheless, these areas often deal with congested traffic but are less likely to have the staffing, funding, or facilities to deal with congestion that more populous areas do. In this project, UFTI-T2 works with STRIDE faculty to examine the specific nature of congestion in rural and small urban areas and to customize strategies, guidance, and educational materials to assist communities. For more information, please see the Stride Project H page, or contact Dr. Nithin Agarwal at nithin.agarwal@ufl.edu

Safety Resource Centers 

The Occupant Protection Safety Resource Center (OPRC)  [link title to Technology Transfer: OPRC page] supports passenger and driver safety through an online store of free educational materials related to child passenger safety, safety belts, air bags, and distracted driving for residents. OPRC also supports training and certification of child passenger safety technicians and instructors. OPRC also distributes free child safety seats for car seat check events.  

The Pedestrian Bicycle Safety Resource Center [link title to Technology Transfer: PedBike page] supports pedestrian and bicycle safety programs throughout Florida through an online store of free educational materials, training and certification of helmet fitters, and support of various campaigns and organization dedicated to ped-bike safety. 

The Safety Resource Centers are funded by the Florida Department of Transportation. For more information, contact Patty Turner at p.turner@essie.ufl.edu

Reduce Teen Distracted Driving Education Program 

UFTI-T2, with support of driving specialist in UF’s Occupational Therapy department, developed a computer-based training program to teach teenagers about the dangers  — some well-known and some surprising — of distracted driving. The course is based on the latest research on the effects of distracted driving and teenage attitude formation. It was developed in coordination with the Florida Department of Transportation, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and private and public safety advocacy groups. The course is freely available over the Internet and gives teachers and safety advocates an additional tool.  For more information, contact Dr. Nithin Agarwal at nithin.agarwal@ufl.edu

FDOT Technology Transfer Support 

This project supports the efforts of the FDOT Research Center to inform a broad audience about the findings of FDOT-funded research to promote application of these findings. UFTI-T2 staff conducts editorial reviews of draft research reports, prepares summaries of final reports, and publicizes research through the UFTI-T2 newsletter. For more information, contact Charles Brown at cmbrown@ufl.edu

Completed Projects

  • 2002 Geotechnical Advisory Team (GAT) District Workshops (Team Facilitator) 
  • 2007 Research Symposium for the Florida Department of Transportation Research Center 
  • 2009 Research Advisory Committee (RAC) National Summer Meeting  
  • Accelerating Safety Activities Program (ASAP) – Bike Boxes 
  • Accelerating Safety Activities Program (ASAP) – ICE Workshops 
  • Accelerating Safety Activities Program (ASAP) – Roundabout Workshops 
  • Analyze Aggregate Database (2003) 
  • ASAP Local Road Safety Plans – Technical Assistance (2018)  
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Law Enforcement Workshop  
  • Development “Traffic Control Through Incident Areas” course for Florida Department of Transportation 
  • Development of a New Aggregate Control Program For Florida Department of Transportation (2005) 
  • Dynamic Intersection Learning Machine Optimization Real-time Engine (sub to Sanjay Ranka) 
  • Enhancement of Research Project Database (2005) 56951 
  • Evaluating Child Restraint System (CRS) Installation Using Interactive Visual Presence (STRIDE) 
  • Event Planning Support Services – Supplement 3 (2011) 
  • FDOT’s Safe Mobility for Life 2009-2010  
  • Florida Crosswalk Study   
  • Florida Safety Circuit Rider Pilot Program 
  • Florida Minority Occupant Protection Task Force 
  • Florida Occupant Protection Program Planner 
  • Florida Occupant Protection Resource Center  
  • Florida’s Pedestrian/Bicycling SRC (2009) 1ST YEAR 2008  
  • Florida Pilot/Escort Flagging Training Test: Spanish Translation 
  • Florida’s Occupant Protection Coalition (2018)  
  • Florida’s Safety Circuit Rider Training Program (2008)  
  • Highways for Life Event Planning Support Services Eastern Every Day Counts Regional Summit Meetings 
  • Highways for LIFE Technology Transfer Support – Supplement 4 
  • Highways for LIFE Technology Transfer Support 2012 
  • Highways for LIFE Event Planning – The T2 Center provided event planning services to support the Highways for LIFE technology transfer activities. 
  • Implementing a Transportation Safety Center (TSC) through Florida Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) 
  • Jacksonville Transit Authority Interlocal Agreement to Provide Technical Assistance  
  • K-12 Workforce Development 
  • LEGO® Robot Vehicle Lesson Plans for Secondary Education – A Recruitment Tool 
  • Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) for Florida Transportation Agencies  
  • Mobile Video Training Scholarships 
  • Motorcycle Safety Curriculum Enhancement and Promotion (2011/12)  
  • Motorcycle Safety Curriculum (Project #97433): T2 provided support services and technical assistance in creation of a video series designed to educate motorcycle riders of the best practices for motorcycle safety. (FDOT) 
  • NHTSA Occupant Protection Program Assessment 2014 
  • Pedestrian Safety Campaign (Project #90850)FDOT / FHWA 
  • Ped/Bike Education and Training Programs for Officers/Responders/Schools 
  • Pedestrian/Bike GIS Crash Mapping (2005) 59219 
  • Performance Measurements for Research Programs Workshop (2002) (26873) 
  • Product Demonstration Showcase Program Experience Technology” 
  • Promoting Motorcycle Safety to Engineers (2009)  
  • Proper Use of Crash Modification Factors Workshop: FY 2017 Accelerating Safety Activity Program (ASAP) 
  • Research Project Information Cards (2005-2007) BDB-17-02 (58797) 
  • Safe Mobility for Life: Preparing our State for the Future Training Course – Phase 2 
  • Safe Routes to School Technical Assistance Program 
  • Safe Routes to School Evaluation & Technical Assistance
  • Safety Project Development Capacity for Small Communities in Coordination with LTAP Center 
  • Solicitation to Develop a Bike/Pedestrian Safety Campaign for Florida Department of Transportation District 7 
  • Strategies for Mitigating Congestion in Small Urban and Rural Areas (STRIDE) 
  • Teen Distracted Driving computer-based training (CBT) program (2017/2018) 
  • Testing and Evaluation of Traffic Detection Devices – Smart Microsystem Sensor (SMS) (STRIDE 2019)  
  • Transportation Safety Center (TSC) (2015-2019) 
  • UF Testbed Initiative Transit Components:  Bicycle Rack Capacity Sensors  
  • UF Testbed initiative – Alternative Transportation Safety Systems (2018-current) 
  • Update of Concrete Specification Courses August 2009 
  • Update of the Asphalt CTQP Course Materials – Revision 1 (2009) 
  • Update of the Geotechnical CTQP Course Materials   
  • Update on CTAQ Asphalt Paving Course Level 1 
  • Walking School Bus Workshops and Educational/Promotional Items for the Florida Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School Program 2012/2013 
  • Work Zone Safety Overview for Field Level Personnel