Pilot/Escort Flagging

The UFTI-T2 Center offers a Pilot/Escort Flagging course approved by Florida Department of Transportation. The Pilot/Escort Flagging training course includes key resources and instruction for practical application of the tools. 

Pilot/Escort Flagging training is required for all personnel escorting oversized loads within Florida’s public right of ways. Florida has reciprocity with other states who require an 8-hour course. Florida-qualified escorts can renew online with a self-learning refresher course. 

The UFTI-T2 Center offers courses regularly throughout each month, and multiple offerings are available to accommodate individual schedules. Exclusive Pilot/Escort Flagging trainings are available upon request. 

To register for the course hove over the picture and click the link icon.

Have questions about Pilot/Escort Flagging training? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.