Basic Maintenance of Traffic Flagging


Basic Maintenance of Traffic Flagging qualification is required for any person responsible for temporary traffic control. Responsibilities include: 

  • Stopping, releasing, and slowing traffic including pedestrians and bicyclists using approved devices 
  • Guiding traffic through work zone transitions 
  • Communication with additional flaggers in work zone 
  • Identifying dangerous situations and warning work crews 
  • Ability to physically stand for long periods and move quickly  
  • Be vigilant to approaching traffic, work crews, and phasing during construction operations 

Virtual Training & Online Testing 

FDOT has approved the UFTI-T2 Center to provide virtual training with a corresponding online-proctored testing session for Basic MOT/TTC trainings.  

  • Virtual training link sent to registered students prior to the training course 
  • Web-enabled device with front facing camera, microphone and speakers required 

Training Coordinators 

  • Unique email address required for each student 
  • Training books mailed to address on the student’s registration 
  • Please contact us immediately to request alternate mailing address 
  • Dedicated Web-enabled device required for each student  
  • Audio and video required during demonstration exercises and the duration of the online-proctored exam 
  • Exclusive offerings for your group are available, upon request.  

Who Should Complete This Course?  

  • Roadway construction crew personnel 
  • Roadway maintenance crew personnel 
  • Emergency responders 
  • Police officers 
  • Road rangers 

Training Requirements 

  • Qualified Flaggers must complete the Basic MOT/TTC course conducted by FDOT approved training provider 
  • Successfully demonstrate flagging knowledge through hands-on skills assessment   

Renew Qualification 

  • The Basic MOT/TTC flagger course qualification will expire four years after the date of successful completion 
  • Renew flagger qualification through the successful completion of the Basic MOT/TTC course  

Course Length 

  • 4 hours