Pilot / Escort Flagging Course


Florida Pilot / Escort Flagging Requirements 

These three requirements must be met to escort oversized loads in Florida:

A law enforcement officer with jurisdiction in the State of Florida traveling in enforcement vehicle can also escort over-dimensional loads in Florida.  


Pilot / Escort Flagging qualification is required for any person responsible for escorting over-dimensional loads along permitted route. This course will guide students through resources, required equipment, and techniques to use during movements. Pilot / Escort Vehicle Operators (PEVO) responsibilities include: 

  • Review permitted route, communicate with team 
  • Maintain proper escort vehicle equipment  
  • Assist in directing load driver to maneuver designated route 
  • Warn traffic of potential hazardous conditions   
  • Block traffic from passing in situations with limited clearances 
  • Flag traffic to safely pass load movements   
  • Verify clearance exist along permitted route 
  • Document clearances or areas of concern through route survey 
  • Measure load adjust equipment to accommodate 
  • Perform detailed route survey limited clearance 
  • Stay current on all regulation revisions 

The Pilot / Escort Flagging course is 8-hours with an exam. Students must receive at least 80% to earn the Pilot / Escort Flagging course certificate of completion.   

Virtual Training & Online Testing 

FDOT approved UF T2 Center to provide virtual training with a corresponding online testing session for Pilot / Escort Flagging.  

  • Virtual training link sent to registered students prior to the training course 
  • Web-enabled device with front facing camera, microphone and speakers required 

Training Coordinators 

  • Unique email address required for each student 
  • Training books mailed to address on the student’s registration 
  • Please contact us immediately to request alternate mailing address 
  • Dedicated Web-enabled device required for each student  
  • Audio and video required during demonstration exercises and the duration of the online exam 
  • Exclusive offerings for your group are available, upon request.  

Registration Fee  

  • $240 Early Registration
    • Applies to registration more than 7 days prior to course date 
  • $265 Registration
    • Applies to registration within 7 days of course date 

UFTI-T2 Payment Policy


Each state governs their oversize load program with many variations. Florida will accept this state’s qualification: 

  • Arizona 
  • Colorado 
  • Georgia 
  • Minnesota 
  • North Carolina 
  • Oklahoma 
  • Pennsylvania 
  • Utah 
  • Virginia 
  • Washington 
  • Wisconsin 

Course Manual 

Download the free Pilot/Escort Flagging Course Manual 

Who Should Complete This Course?  

  • FDOT employees  
  • Local agency personnel  
  • Heavy equipment mobilization crews 
  • Local agency roadway personnel  
  • Scale master and weigh station officers 
  • Law enforcement officers 
  • FDOT and local agency contractor 
  • Private consultant personnel in transporting pre-cast concrete beams, manufacturing, delivery  
  • Truss manufacturer personnel 
  • Mechanical manufacturer personnel  
  • NASA personnel transporting space shuttle 
  • Yacht manufactures and transporters 
  • Yacht sales personnel 
  • Yacht owners  
  • Turbine salespersons, manufacturers, and transporters 
  • Aircraft manufacturers, salespersons, and transporters 

Find Florida Qualified Escort 

Visit this Web page for a list of Qualified Florida Escort students who have given permission for their information to be placed on this page.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on escorting oversize and overweight vehicles in Florida 

Contact Us 

For more information, contact the University of Florida Transportation T2 Center by email t2cttassist@ce.ufl.edu or phone (352) 273-1670. 

Training Requirements 

  • Successfully complete one-day course including flagging exercise and exam  
  • At least 80% of exam questions must be answered correctly  
  • Upon successful completion, qualification will be delivered to student’s enrollment address  
  • Qualification expires four years after the date of successful completion 


  • Qualification valid four years  
  • Renew qualification with one-day refresher course  
  • Online Refresher course is available to students within 90 days of expiration 

Course Length 

  • 8 hours 


30 minutesStudent must present state-issued identification during sign in, training course, and exam Sign-In 
6 hoursIntroduction to applicable regulations, pilot car driver responsibilities, flagging exercise for oversized load movements, escort vehicles specifications, over-dimensional load characteristics, emergency situations, safe maneuver techniques for common roadway configurations. Instruction 
2 hours50-question exam Exam