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If you have more questions you’d like answered, please submit them to the Florida T2 Center Registration Desk

Is MOT training provided in Spanish?

The FDOT does not permit providers of MOT training to offer the class in any language other than English. You may ask why? The answer is that the 600 series design standards, which are essentially the backbone of the entire… Read More

Exam Results:

Exams may take up to 2 weeks to process after we have submitted them to the MOT Administrator (excluding weekend and holidays). Once exams are processed and grades posted, student will be notified by the MOT Administrator via email.Username to… Read More

What is the length of each course?

Basic – No length requirement since this is a skill based course.Intermediate – 16 hoursIntermediate refresher– 8 hoursAdvanced level- 20 hoursAdvanced refresher–8 hours

What happens if I fail the exam?

A failing grade on any course exam requires the student to retake that same course prior to retesting. There is no longer a requirement to retake the full Advanced or Intermediate course upon failure of a refresher course exam. If… Read More

What happens upon completion of a training course?

Upon successful completion of a training course (Passing grade: 70%), each individual will receive login instructions on how to print their wallet-sized card and full certificate, which shows the student’s name, the Provider’s name and ID # (not applicable for… Read More