My TTC Refresher course was cancelled, and the MOT Certificate expires I can reschedule. What should I do?

  1. Fill out Form 009 Refresher Extension Request.
  2. Email form 009 to
  3. Extension requests are permitted for Student’s with a current MOT/TTC Certificate.
  4. Receive approval or denial from MOT Administrator.
  • Include preferred Refresher course date on Form 009.
  • Email Form 009 to before your certificate expiration date. UFTI-T2 staff will assist with completing the form as needed. UFTI-T2 will email the completed form to MOT administrator on your behalf.
  • MOT Administrator will verify info provided and send to FDOT for review. FDOT will review the request and issue an approval or denial.
    • If approved,
      • A letter of approval is issued by the MOT Administrator. Student will present approval letter and expired MOT Certificate at the approved Refresher course.
      • A specific course and eligibility will be specified in the approval letter.
      • Certification status remains expired until the approved Refresher course is completed, and an updated certification is in-hand.
    • If denied,
  • Individuals with expired certificates must not conduct MOT/TTC work until a valid MOT Certificate is issued.
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