Florida ATMA Demonstration and Evaluation

This project hosted a demonstration of the operation and function of the autonomous truck-mounted attenuator (ATMA) in a closed loop environment as well as in an active work zone. This will provide a hands-on opportunity for stakeholders to experience this state-of-the-art equipment. ATMA has the potential to reduce the risk involved in roadway construction and maintenance. The demonstration has also tested the feasibility of the technology and its application for falling weight deflectometer equipment. For more information, please contact Dr. Nithin Agarwal at nithin.agarwal@ufl.edu.


Project Final Report & Benefit Cost (BC) Analysis Tool: A spreadsheet tool was developed as part of this study. Click the link below to download the BC tool.

Project Final Report –Download

Data conflation and visualization

Sample Video
Additional InformationSubplotsObjectives
Dashcam videoEstablishes ground truth – the video provides an opportunity for the analyst to visually inspect and correlate the traffic characteristics (speed, acceleration, etc.) with the data log retrieved from ATMA.
GPS position of vehicles in road networkProvides location of vehicles (points) on primary road network (lines) for visual inspection. It helps to qualitatively understand the impact of road network elements such as intersection etc.
Time and status Since several equipment are used in the data collection effort, this plot helps in reviewing the time component and the associated status of the follower ATMA. Info on different navigation status can be found in the final report.
Speed vs time and distance vs time plotThese plots quantify the instantaneous speed and distance travelled of leader and follower with respect to time.


Test IDTittle
TC1Automatic stop (A-Stop) - Leader Vehicle Internal Button (OCU)
TC2Emergency Stop - ATMA Internal Button (OCU)
TC3Emergency Stop ATMA External Button
TC4Emergency Stop – Leader Independent E-Stop Button (Initiator)
TC5Follow Distance Set by User Interface (UI) Panel
TC6Following Accuracy on Straight Line (A&H)
TC7Following Accuracy on Slalom Course (A&H)
TC8Lane Changing Accuracy (A&H)
TC9Lateral offset
TC10Minimum Turn Radius
TC11Simple Curve (A&H)
TC14Bump Test
TC15Obstacle Detection – FRONT
TC16Vehicle Intrusion
TC17Object Recognition
TC18Speed Test (A&H)
TC19Braking – Leader Vehicle (A&H)
TC20ATMA Human Driver Takeover (A&H)
TC21Leader Reverse
TC23Loss of Sensor (RADAR, LIDAR)
TC24Loss of GPS
TC25Loss of Communication (Single V2V Radio)
TC26Loss of Communication (Both V2V Radios)


Test IDSR/InterstateRoadway IDMilepostAnnual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)
FT-1US-441260100007.700 to 9.70013,900
FT-2I-752626000010.500 to 12.50073,203
FT-3SR-222260050006.500 to 8.00022,914
FT-4SR-26261300006.400 to 8.00010,788
FT-5SW 2nd Ave--7,651
FT-6SR-24 Waldo Rd--16,273