Quarter 4 2015

Florida T2 Center: Partnering with Experts to Bring You the Best Resources Available

Welcome to the November edition of the Florida T2 Center Newsletter. As always, feel free to call (352.273.1670) or email (t2assist@ce.ufl.edu) with any ideas, questions, or concerns. Thanks for reading!

Announcing the 2016 Professional Training Portfolio!

If you haven’t received your copy in the mail, email us with your address to be added to our mailing list.

People Spotlight: Charles Brown

He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, and he’s the one responsible for those lists of new and completed FDOT research reports you see every quarter.

Announcing Our New Partners Page

We at T2 value our relationships with industry and government agencies and are dedicated to providing excellent training opportunities that strengthen your existing staff while offering individuals the opportunity to invest in their own professional development. In order to further this goal, we strive to partner and collaborate with leaders in the transportation industry in Florida and across the nation and we would like to pass the benefits of these relationships on to you, our customers! 


Maintenance of Traffic for Safety Officials

The Florida T2 Center is committed to serving the needs of locals, especially those in the Law Enforcement Community, and able to do so recently for the Royal Palm Improvement Association by providing instruction for a Basic Maintenance of Traffic.

Wayne Rilko Conducts Concrete Training on UF Campus

In October and November, Wayne instructed seven students in Concrete Field Testing Technician and Strength Testing Technician. The attendees were a mix of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students under the supervision of Dr. Chris Ferraro, P.E., in the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment at UF.

New Pasco County Pilot Escort Program

The Florida T2 Center recently began laying the groundwork for a new program that will offer our Qualification/Certification courses to High School students who are not attending College so that they can become more marketable for job opportunities in construction. 

Training Resources

Gravel Roads Construction and Maintenance Guide

FHWA has released the final version of this updated manual, which is written as simply as possible without sacrificing clear guidelines and instructions on how to perform the operation well.

New Skid Steer Manual

The T2 Center recently collaborated with the University of Texas in Arlington to acquire an updated Skid Steer Operator Training Program Manual which we will provide to students who take our Skid Steer Safety Hands-on training.

Grant News

PedBike Safety Resource Center

The PedBike team is working hard distributing helmets and educational items to promote bicycling safety around the state. They also strive to stay connected with the latest information on relevant topics to ensure we are meeting the needs of our Community Partners. 

Occupant Protection Resource Center

The Florida OPRC team is gearing up for a new grant cycle which will focus on certain counties in special need of occupant protection improvements.