Quarter 1 2016

Florida T2 Center: Always Working to Improve Your Safety

Welcome to the February 2016 edition of the Florida T2 Center Newsletter.

Research Coordinator Needed for Florida’s New Transportation Safety Center

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), in collaboration with UFTI and the T2 Center, has established a new Transportation Safety Center (TSC) to support local agencies in developing and implementing engineering best practices during highway safety projects. Now the TSC needs a Research Coordinator to lead the Center’s day to day operations, conduct traffic safety studies, assist counties with development of county-wide safety plans, and more.

Free LTAP Webinar on GRS-IBS

This event will feature presentations on Geosynthetic Reinforced Soils and Integrated Bridge Systems (GRS-IBS), a Federal Highway Administration EDC-3 Initiative. GRS-IBS an innovation for helping reduce bridge construction time and cost. Due to the ease of construction and the use of common, readily available equipment and materials, GRS-IBS projects can be built in weeks instead of months, which translates into less congestion around work zones.

Grant News

Occupant Protection Resource Center

The Florida OPRC team is working on shipping child restraints and educational materials, as well as developing a new phone application for CPS checklists.

PedBike Safety Resource Center

The PedBike team is constantly learning and discovering new processes to make things simpler and smoother.

Florida News

Florida APWA Conference and Exposition

APWA Florida Chapter Member registration is now open for the 2016 Public Works EXPO in Tampa, Florida! The Tampa Embassy Suites is the host hotel and it’s just across the street from the Tampa Convention Center.