Quarter 3 2015

Florida T2 Center: Striving for and Highlighting Excellence throughout the State

Welcome to the August edition of the Florida T2 Center Newsletter.

Customer Survey

As you know, we at the T2 Center are constantly seeking ways to ensure we are offering you the best possible service, training, and resources. Since you are our number one source for information on how we can meet your needs and interests, we would like to request your input on a few questions all about you and your thoughts on ways we can improve. Click here to take the survey, which should take approximately five minutes to complete.

Florida News

Announcing the 2015 FACERS Awards Winners

The Florida Association of County Engineers and Road Superintendents (FACERS) recognizes excellent service in Florida’s public works agencies. The FACERS awards are the most prestigious professional recognition in Florida for transportation and public works professionals.

May 2013 Florida Greenbook Adopted by FDOT

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and the Greenbook Committee has completed the rule making process for the May 2013 Edition of the Florida Greenbook. This edition will become effective on September 3, 2015.

EDC Exchange on the National Usage of GRS IBS – Sept 15

The majority of the bridges across the nation are small, single-span bridges commonly on rural and local roads. As the infrastructure ages, weight restrictions or bridge closures are becoming more frequent. With limited resources available, transportation agencies must find innovative, cost-effective solutions for bridge construction. The Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil–Integrated Bridge System (GRS–IBS) may be an excellent alternative to help reduce bridge construction time and cost! 

Grant News

Occupant Protection Resource Center

The Florida OPRC team have been busy traveling the state for events and workshops, and are working hard to promote heat stroke awareness and prevention. 

PedBike Safety Resource Center

The PedBike team is working hard distributing helmets and educational items to promote bicycling safety around the state. They also strive to stay connected with the latest information on relevant topics to ensure we are meeting the needs of our Community Partners.