Quarter 3 2016

Website Address Update

The T2 website has undergone a name change! Our website URL has been changed from ‘http://www.t2ctt.ce.ufl.edu’ to ‘http://techtransfer.ce.ufl.edu.’ The old URL will redirect to the updated T2 web address for at least 6 months after the official switch, but we encourage you to go through any bookmarks of our website that you might have saved and update them to reflect the change.

Message from the Director

Welcome back to our Readers! This issue highlights some recent activities at the Transportation Technology Transfer (T2) Center. The T2 Center has expanded its management team with a new Grants Manager, Matthew Muller.

Meet Our New Grant Manager

We are pleased to welcome Matthew Muller, who joined us in early July to serve as our new grant manager. Muller will be working directly with several of our grants, including the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP), the Transportation Safety Center and the Florida Pedestrian and Bike Safety Resources Center.​ 

Center Updates

LTAP Listening Sessions

The Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) is a jointly funded effort between the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to provide local governments with training, information, technology, and direct assistance in order to help improve their transportation infrastructure. Florida’s LTAP program resides at the University of Florida’s T2 Center. To best serve the state of Florida, the T2 Center LTAP has met with local government employees involved in the transportation process to discuss meaningful ways we can better provide you with assistance. To gather this information, held a series of listening sessions across the state to discuss your transportation training, data collection, workforce development, equipment, and technical assistance needs. Please take the short survey below to provide your own feedback.

Take the survey.

PedBike Update

There are new resources available at our PedBike Safety Resource Center. To help you with your community safety events, our PedBike Training Specialists are available to assist. For more information, contact pedbikesrc@ce.ufl.edu.

Seeking Nominations for the 2016 FACERS Award

There’s still time to nominate candidates for the 2016 FACERS Award. The extended deadline is October 1st, 2016.

Upcoming Courses and Training

Re-Introducing: Traffic Engineering Fundamentals Course

After four years, the T2 Center, in partnership with McTrans, is re-introducing the Traffic Engineering Fundamentals Course. McTrans has been offering a webinar version of this course, but due to several requests, we will be re-introducing the live version. This will be a three day course – you have the option to attend any portion of the course. Tentative dates are December 6 – 8 in Tampa, FL. If you are interested, please contact David Page at dkpage@ufl.edu or 352-273-1685.

Highway Capacity Analysis and CORSIM Simulation Training Webinar

The T2 Center will be taking registrations for the McTrans Highway Capacity Analysis and CORSIM Simulation Training Webinars. The Highway Capacity Analysis webinar series presents lectures, software demonstrations and application examples on the Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) procedures – including upcoming 6th Edition updates. Step-by-step instruction of the HCM methodologies will be provided for each analytical chapter. This CORSIM training provides lectures on traffic flow theory and hands-on software applications using TSIS-CORSIM. 

Motor Grader Operator Safety/Hands-On Training

The Motor Grader Operator Safety Hands/On Training is for motor grader operators, managers, and operator supervisors of all skill levels. This workshop, which has been offered at multiple locations around Florida, provides equipment operators with classroom training and hands-on experiences. It acquaints the operator with proper road profiles, drainage issues, maintenance methods and new techniques and technologies. The full day classroom session covers safety, grader types, grader maintenance, blade pitch, articulation, grader speed, aggregate types, road profiles, ditching, draining, washboarding, dust control, wetlands issues, etc. All participants receive a manual for future reference. The second day is “hands-on” training. Our instructor travels to your municipality and provides field assistance on grader techniques and solving problems on your operator’s local roads.

Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic Courses Coming This Fall

The T2 Center will be holding eleven sessions for Intermediate Maintenance of Traffic this Fall, including refreshers. The courses objective is to provide all personnel who successfully completed the Intermediate MOT Training Course with FDOT recognized qualification, valid for four (4) years, to perform work zone traffic control and whose responsibilities include having direct control of: placing traffic control devices, placing flaggers, training flaggers and drafting or generating work zone controls plans. 

LTAP HSIP Webinar Now Available Online 

Director Maria Cahill, UFTI affiliate Ilir Bejleri, Joe Santos of the Florida Department of Transportation and Kevin Burgess of the Florida Highway Administration recently presented information on the use of the FHWA Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and funding at the local level to address safety needs.

Other News

Florida Turnpike Named an Engineering Project of the Century

The Florida Engineering Society (FES), which is celebrating is 100th anniversary, recently named the Florida Department of Transportation’s Florida Turnpike System as one of its Engineering Projects of the Century. Click here to learn more.