Quarter 2 2015

Florida T2 Center: Your Friendly Resource for Training, Research, and More

Welcome to the May edition of the Florida T2 Center Newsletter. Here at T2, we are constantly looking for new ways to get you the resources you need to educate your employees, improve operations, and keep your employees safe and productive. Scroll down to read about what we’ve been doing and what’s available to you.


Director’s Message

We have a lot going on here at the T2 Center! This month’s newsletter showcases several important programs and even more important people on our staff.

Meet Wayne Rilko: Your Friendly CTQP Training Expert

Wayne Rilko (right) is a construction professional who has been teaching Construction Training Qualification Program (CTQP) courses with the T2 Center since 2003. Wayne’s background as an engineer in the road building and heavy construction industry makes him a sought-after instructor for Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) qualification training. 


Motor Grader Operator Safety/Hands-on Training in Alabama

On May 5-7, the T2 Center took its heavy equipment training on the road to Abbeville, AL, where 21 students from seven counties gathered to receive this important training at valuable cost savings. 

Front End Loader Safety/Hands-on Workshop for FDOT in Arcadia

On May 12-14, the T2 Center held another heavy equipment workshop, where 20 FDOT District 1 employees learned how a front-end loader works and how to operate the machine safely, as well as how to execute proper load handling and inspection procedures.


APWA Golf Tournament for Scholarhips

On April 24, Scott Tison (right) attended the Santa Fe Local Branch of the American Public Works Association’s (APWA) second annual Golf Tournament for Scholarships. With perfect weather conditions, a mix of players paired off and had a tremendous time while raising money to be used to offer scholarships to individuals seeking education in the engineering/public works field.

NACE/APWA Annual Meeting

This year was the first time that the National Association of County Engineers (NACE) and the American Public Works Association (APWA) partnered to present their annual conferences. The 2015 Joint Conference was held on April 19-22 in Daytona Beach and was hosted by the Florida Association of County Engineers and Road Superintendents (FACERS) and the Central Florida Branch of APWA.

Florida News

EDC Exchange for Local and Tribal Agencies on Data-Driven Safety Analysis

This EDC Exchange, scheduled for 2pm EST on June 25, will highlight how local agencies are integrating safety performance into highway investment decisions. It will be of interest to transportation professionals involved in design, environment, local public agency coordination, planning, and safety.   

Safety Resource Center Updates

The staff at the Florida Pedestrian and Bicycling SRC and the Occupant Protection SRC work hard to keep you safe and spread the word about safe walking, biking, and driving habits. Click each Center’s logo to read about what they’ve been up to the past few months.