I can’t find the 8-hour National Safety Council Online Defensive Driving Course. Where is it?

Safetyserve.com is the official provider of National Safety Council Defensive Driving courses. Go to https://www2.safetyserve.com/, click on “Defensive Driving Course”, then “Insurance Reduction” or “Ticket Dismissal.” You will see a United States map; click on the state of Florida. Do not take a “4-hour BDI” course; this is not an 8-hour equivalent. Choose the last class option which says: Please click here to take the NSC Defensive Driving Course for any other reason including Pilot/Escort purposes. (Note: Florida Pilot/Escort Drivers must take the DDC 10th edition, NOT the Florida State course. When the course is completed, be sure to request the mailed certificate. The weigh stations will pull you over if you do not have the proper certificate.)