FAQ Category: Pilot/Escort FAQ

I lost my wallet card. How do I order a replacement?

To order a new wallet card, visit the Pilot Escort course page, add the Wallet Card Replacement to your cart and submit payment. Wallet card replacement fee is $60 and will be mailed to the enrollment address after your request… Read More

More questions?

If you have any more questions you’d like answered, please submit them to Florida T2 Center Registration Desk.

How do I do a route survey?

A survey is a list of any items that the load may come in contact with on the route that is on the permit application. Permitees must submit a route survey letter (FDOT letter guidelines) and route survey with a… Read More

When does a vehicle need an escort?

A vehicle shall have at least one escort when its: width exceeds 12 ft., (needs two escorts if exceeds 14 ft.) OR height exceeds 14 ft. 6 in., OR length exceeds 95 ft. (may require two escorts in certain instances)