Sean Samford

IT Specialist

352.273.1658 —

Sean is the T2 Center’s “IT” guy – so everyone knows him and needs him! His primary responsibility at the T2 Center is maintenance of the computers and related equipment. He also has responsibilities with T2’s safety resource centers, the Florida Pedestrian and Bicycling Safety Resource Center (Ped-Bike”) and the Florida Occupant Protection Resource Center. Sean works closely with other College of Engineering IT professionals to provide excellent support and to adapt T2’s computer and software systems to the Center’s changing needs and the constantly evolving environments of computer software and hardware, as well as UF requirements.

Sean’s many years of background are divided between computer support and customer support. He has worked computer support call centers for major manufacturers, fielding the vast range of questions posed by home and business users. Patient and focused, Sean emphasizes doing his job well and providing excellent, timely service.

Sean enjoys cycling and is very involved with the local music scene. Over his years in the Midwest and the South, he has attended numerous concerts. Ask him about it.