F.A.C. 14-26

The Florida Administrative Code (FAC) Chapter 14, Section 26 contains laws and rules set forth by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) which govern pilot/escort vehicles in Florida. The FAC is frequently updated to ensure the safety of the motoring public and oversize loads teams. A route survey is required for each oversized load movement. For loads over 15 feet high or 16 feet wide: the route survey must accompany the oversize load. The escort driver who is certifying the route’s clearances have been met must sign the completed route survey and include a detailed list of exclusions which may apply. The updated FAC allows oversize load movements to travel on Saturday and Sundays, unless otherwise specified by the FDOT issued permit. Visit  https://flrules.org/gateway/ChapterHome.asp?Chapter=14-26 for the most up to date rules.