Dr. Ilir Bejleri

Associate Professor, Department of Urban and Regional Planning

Dr. Ilir Beileri

In his work in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Dr. Bejleri focuses on applications of data-based computer systems to develop better tools for urban design and planning. Bejleri describes these tools as a “planning and analysis decision support system.”

Early in his career, Dr. Bejleri developed the Florida Geographic Data Library (FGDL), an ongoing data library that organizes, maintains and provides GIS data for libraries, agencies, corporations, businesses, and individuals. This library has won the Best Environmental Practices Award from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). The FGDL is hosted and maintained at UF’s GeoPlan Center, for which Dr. Bejleri is assistant director. As a central repository with standard data formats, the FGDL has grown significantly over the years from an initial 30 layers of information to over 400 layers.

Dr. Bejleri built on the FGDL concept with Signal Four Analytics, a statewide interactive, Web-based geospatial crash analysis tool, widely used in traffic studies in Florida. It is an example of the kind of tool through which Dr. Bejleri creates a repository for data and an analytical tool that makes it conveniently available. Dr. Bejleri’s work continues as he uses simulation and 3D visualization to further extend the utility of data in terms of analysis, planning, and presentation.