Charles Brown


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Charles’s main work is for the Florida Department of Transportation Research Center, which provides funding for 50 or more projects a year at various Florida universities. Each project must conclude with a final report. Charles provides an editorial review for each of these reports and writes a one-page summaries that introduces the research projects to the general public. In the remainder of his time, Charles assists other projects with editorial or writing needs. For example, in the Teen Distracted Driving Project, Charles is helping to create a computer-based informational program that will teach teenagers why distracted driving is so dangerous and why teenagers are at such high risk. (One interesting thing he learned was how many distracted driving incidents are caused by food spills!)

Charles has a background in chemistry and worked as a chemist for a number of years before changing to research communications. He was always interested in literature and languages, and his position with the T2 Center gives him a chance to use both of those interest areas, as well as the occasional opportunity to use his experience in print design and production and communications. Charles cites his year selling used furniture with an appreciation for working with people. He always wants the client to be happy with their product and strives to bring a high level of quality and appropriate creativity to each task. Outside of work, Charles pursues interests in literature and art, both as a student and as a creator.