Quarter 4 2014

Florida T2 Center: Coordinating Our Resources to Meet Your Needs

Welcome to the November edition of the Florida T2 Center Newsletter. Here at T2, we constantly look for ways to develop and grow our resources to fit the needs of our customers like you. Scroll down to read about what we’ve been doing and what’s available to you.


Message from the Director

This fall has been busy for the T2 Center, and Chris LeDew, P.E. (right) continues to learn about ways we can pool our resources and apply our varied skills to serve Florida in a number of capacities. 

Meet David and Linda: Your Friendly Workshop Coordination Team

Linda and David have been working together for years and have established a cohesive team that works hard to meet your training needs.

Florida News

Announcing the 2015 Professional Training Portfolio

Keep an eye on your mailbox for your copy of our 2015 portfolio, featuring the training we have to offer you in the coming year. Or if you don’t want to wait, click the link above to download your very own PDF and start learning now about the ways we can serve you.

Florida’s Minority Task Force Engages in Strategic Planning Session

In line with the important efforts of this grant, the Task Force took a day in August to conduct a Strategic Planning session, which included extensive discussion and brain storming on topics such as action plans, key accomplishments and goals, and ways to improve Task Force Operations. 


Asphalt Plant Level 1: A Photo Essay

Your smooth road starts here! In October, Wayne Rilko (right) taught an Asphalt Plant Level 1 class and let Morgan take some pictures of the hands-on proficiency portion of the training for this photo essay of what’s involved in this exam, which is a required part of the qualification.

MOT Refreshers: Plan Early to Avoid Missing Your Expiration Date!

We recommend registering for a refresher course at least six months in advance to allow for extenuating circumstances. Waiting until the last minute is risky because missing your expiration date by even a single day means you must retake the initial Intermediate or Advanced MOT training course. 

SimCity: T2 Center Pilots New Transportation Engineering Course

Building on the educational benefits of computer games, which are becoming increasingly popular as a teaching tool, T2 partnered with UFTI to develop a nine-week class for middle-school-aged students using a SimCity computer game. The class aims to foster interest in the transportation profession as a career choice, with each 45-minute module designed to instill participants with the planning and engineering concepts involved in this profession, such as design, materials, traffic mitigation, and budget management.


Chris LeDew Presents at ITE Luncheon

In October, Chris Ledew spoke at the Florida Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (FSITE) Luncheon in Jacksonville. Scott Tison (pictured at left with Chris) also attended. Several engineers and planners in the audience were surprised by the number and complexity of the projects and programs at T2. 

T2 Center Staff Attends Annual FACERS Meeting

Scott Tison and Chris LeDew attended the Florida Association of County Engineers and Road Superintendents (FACERS) Fall Meeting on November 19-21 in Tampa. The agenda included presentations and discussions on septic system replacement, spring protection efforts, civil integrated management, and emergency preparedness for transportation-related flood hazards, among others. 

Safety Resource Center Updates

The staff at the Florida Pedestrian and Bicycling SRC and the Occupant Protection SRC work hard to keep you safe and spread the word about safe walking, biking, and driving habits. Click each Center’s logo to read about what they’ve been up to the past few months.